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Strategic Plan 2016:
Safe · Green · Smart · Equitable

New York City is bigger and more bustling than ever and the strains on our transportation system are evident to all who live, work, and visit here: Sidewalks are overflowing, subway trains are packed, and our streets are full of pedestrians, cyclists, cars, trucks, and taxis. NYC DOT’s Strategic Plan 2016 is our response to these and other challenges. The plan reiterates our commitment to improving traffic safety and public health, expanding travel choices for all New Yorkers, supporting the City’s efforts to fight climate change, doubling cycling, and maintaining our streets and bridges in a state of good repair. To learn more about the plan’s 105 initiatives, Start Here.

NYC DOT's Core Mission

These videos show the elements of the agency's core mission. DOT strives to eliminate traffic deaths and injuries, expand travel choices for all New Yorkers, improve access for underserved communities, protect the environment and quality of life, maintain and protect DOT's physical assets, and support economic growth.

Strategic Plan 2016 cover